We have a Cerakote Certification at Faith Protect and we specialize in making your firearms match your gun case.

Cerakote coatings are quickly becoming a popular coating option for a wide range of products and parts. At Faith Protect, we offer Cerakote coatings that provide abrasion resistance, low maintenance, and heat resistance. 

In the mid-1980s, NIC Industries created a coating that would change the gun industry forever. They developed a ceramic-based finish that can be added to a variety of materials, from metals and plastics to polymers and wood. Cerakote was born.

NIC Industries put their proprietary coating through rigorous testing to ensure its quality. Using a battery of ASTM tests, they found that their new coating offered great protection against rust, extreme temperatures, impact, and more.

Cerakote was found to be very effective in protecting guns and firearm-related parts. The material did not have a negative impact on the operation of a weapon but was able to protect it from wear and tear both inside and out. Today, Cerakote is a standard coating for guns and gun parts.