Knowing your Situational Awareness 


 Situational awareness is the ability to perceive, understand, and effectively respond to a given circumstance and address any potential risks and/or crime.


One of the newest and growing crime trends is jugging -- where Juggers wait in parking lots and watch for people — mainly those over 65 — to withdraw large sums of money from ATMs. 

  • Suspected juggers also walk malls and computer stores to scout for large purchases.
  • The jugging can occur in a parking lot or after being followed home. 
  • The jugging can also take place if the victim leaves the car for a bite to eat and the juggers steal the money or a new laptop from the vehicle.

According to the FBI, jugging can involve different types of crime. This includes robbery, assault, larceny, and breaking and entering2.  Remember  


Knowing your surroundings – and situational awareness – may be the difference from being robbed, hurt or killed.