Custom Vaccuum Robot Skin

Email us along with your order to [email protected]. Feel free to use any high resolution image. If you need help creating one or aren’t sure if your image is good enough, feel free to ask. Most images from google image search are fine.

If you dont see the robot you have listed, please contact us directly. We can often make skins for rare or unique robots in some instances.

Contact us if you’d like a bulk price or a much larger sized decal. Prices will vary, but bulk items definitely bring the price down extensively.

Our decals are high quality and wont fade or peel off easily. We provide instructions and how-to videos to help you install your decal with your order. Want a new decal later down the line? No Problem! Our vinyl can be removed much later without causing damage to the surface! Feel free to contact us with any of your questions, custom orders.

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